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Teresa Kaczmarczyk took full responsibility for designing a visually appealing, informative, patient friendly, and sophisticated website. She carefully listened to our needs and ideas and incorporated them into revised designs. Her artistic sense of color and visual balance and her vast knowledge of web page static and dynamic options led to the creation of truly extraordinary and useful site. We are most grateful! Brian Fallon http://columbia-lyme.org

Not only is Teresa a brilliant, creative designer, but she is also a delight to work with. The punctuality in her production is excellent, and her work ethics are superb! She did an outstanding job designing our web site. Martha Garcia http://columbiapsychiatry.org

For a website for a new Center, Teresa Kaczmarczyk designed and implemented just what we needed, giving our group an identity on the web and an easy way to update our site ourselves. She is an outstanding designer, and the whole experience could not have been better! I am planning on working with her again on new projects. Kim Fader www.cumc.columbia.edu/dept/imprints

Teresa designed all the graphics on our site including designing our logo. She always delivers excellent results and on time. She carefully listens to our objectives and above all makes certain to delight us with her creativity. Throughout the entire design process, Teresa was always a few steps ahead of us, thinking of things down the road. And because of her foresight we avoided making costly and time consuming mistakes. Her outstanding performance was no surprise to me. Teresa had worked for me some years back and I have become accustomed to expecting nothing less from her. Aziz Akin www.BuzzFile.com

I run a protein core facility at a major medical center. Scientists rely on our web site to get information quickly on the services we provide, so the design is important. Teresa designed a site that is attractive, easy to navigate, and contains all the information in a clear, well-organized way. We've gotten compliments about it from our customers. I'm very happy with her service. Thank you for all the good work you've done for us and best wishes on your new business. Mary Ann Gawinowicz http://cpmcnet.columbia.edu/dept/protein

I knew nothing about web site design when I started to work with Teresa Kaczmarczyk. She guided me up a steep learning curve and helped me to articulate what I wanted in the web site. Her technical and aesthetic skills are superb, so that she was able to deliver a deeply satisfying and highly effective product. Rita Charon http://www.narrativemedicine.org

Teresa was a pleasure to work with, always responsive, incredibly creative and consistently coming up with unique design solutions for our ongoing challenges. As a visual artist, she's a true gem. Jerald Boak www.finance.columbia.edu

Teresa Kaczmarczyk is an exceptional designer to work with. She patiently and thoughtfully guided us through each and every step in the redesign of our web site, including adding surveys and videos. The end result is a website that is visually appealing, well designed and easy to navigate. It was a pleasure to work with her and we hope to continue in the future. Melissa Laurie http://www.nynjaetc.org/

Working with Theresa means that what you want to get done, get's done! The service she provides is professional at all times and her responses are quick. There has never been a time when she has not reacted to a problem or a service requirement with speed and efficiency, along with sound advice. I have been extremely happy with the work Theresa has done on our department website. She has been an inspiration and pleasure to work with! Greta Petrovic http://www.columbianeurosurgery.org/

I was charged with the task of building a web site for our Institute from scratch. Thank goodness, Teresa was the design expert assigned! Knowing virtually nothing about the process, Teresa took me by the hand and steered me, step by step, through each phase, always checking that I was fully satisfied with each end product. She picked up on things I enjoy-such as color and font choices-and included me in the design process; I was much more involved than originally thought. We have been complimented on not only the beauty of our web site, but also on its usability. All this is due to Teresa!Leslie McHale http://irvinginstitute.columbia.edu/